Make Money With Clickbank on Autopilot | Best Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online, meaning you can make money while you sleep in complete autopilot.

There are a lot of affiliate programs on the internet and some of these can help you make a good amount of income.

So, In this tutorial, I will show you how to make money with Clickbank on autopilot, step-by-step using an affiliate marketing sales funnel.

Make Money With Clickbank on Autopilot

What’s Affiliate marketing and Why Clickbank?

Most of you might know what affiliate marketing and Clickbank is, but for everyone to be on the same page, I’ll just give a small intro about them.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is a way by which you promote other people’s product and for each sale that you make for them, you will be rewarded a percentage commission for it.

This type of marketing has been going on for years and has been proven to be profitable to both marketers as well as these product owners.

Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces on the Internet. It is not a product but a website which lists different affiliate products in many different categories that you can promote and make money.

But, I won’t say Clickbank is the best affiliate marketplace since it has a lot of stupid, crappy products that are of no use to anyone. However, there are good products too.

Even if you are just a marketer, make sure you promote a good product to your audience. This will actually help you a lot when you think about it in the long run.

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This is Where Most Marketers Make Mistake!

About 99% of the people who are reading this article must have searched a lot on Google, Youtube and everywhere else on how you could make some money using Clickbank, Right?

That’s a Yes! I know. I have been there.

But you haven’t had any success, right? Not even one sale?

Probably No.

This is because most YouTubers and other marketers show you the wrong way of promoting affiliate products. ( I know what you’re thinking, You must have heard this too from other people, right?)

Most of these marketers tell you to do any one of these:

  1. Start a Youtube channel and Promote it by doing reviews or using other keywords. (Possible, but will take a lot of time and effort.)
  2. Writing blog posts about these affiliate products(Possible, but will take a lot of time and effort)
  3. Spamming the links on Pinterest, Facebook etc. (Will never work)
  4. Building a Sales funnel (Works, but most of them show the wrong way of doing it.)

Now, here in this post, I will be using a sales funnel (but with modifications), which is the best way to promote a product and make money on autopilot.

What Did I Mean By Autopilot?

Now, when it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to make money consistently without much effort every now and then. That means, once you set up something (Like a sales funnel), it should be able to drive in a lot of sales without you constantly managing it.

That’s what Autopilot is! The hardwork that you put once must pay off for some years to come.

Disclaimer – This article will help you make money with Clickbank but I cannot guarantee anything to anyone, the results can be varying for different people. You can make money fast (If you have money to pay for the ads) but if you think this tutorial is a get-rich-quick scheme, you can click the back button and read other articles.

This sales funnel may take you 2 or 3 days to set up. So, only if you are serious in this, should you continue reading.

The Entire Outline of This Method.

As I said, We will be using sales funnel and Youtube/Blog to promote an affiliate product from Clickbank.

Sales funnel is a path that a visitor or a prospect takes through a website which may finally result in a conversion (ie, make a sale).

If you couldn’t understand the above line, don’t worry, you will, as we move on.

Take a look at the figure below. That’s the outline of this method. I’ll explain each of those steps in detail.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Make-money-With-clickbank-on-autopilot.png-e1589436862678.png


This is where you bring in people to your content (Blog/Youtube). You can use Instagram, Youtube, Paid ads, solo ads, Organic traffic from Google, Facebook etc for driving in traffic.

When starting out I would recommend using social media, blog and Youtube to drive in traffic. This may take some time, but the wait will be worth it in the end.

However, if you don’t want to waste any time, you could use Google Adwords or Solo Ads for paid advertising. This will cost you a significant amount of money but will help you make a sale as fast as possible.

I would recommend starting with the free way and then when you start getting sales, scale them up using ads.


Most marketers miss this part of the funnel. Your traffic must not go to your landing page of the funnel. They should go to an article or a youtube video which gives some value.

For Egs. You have a Youtube video that teaches different exercises for developing 6 pick abs. That video just teaches the different exercises it doesn’t say about the diet plan (Which is quite important if somehow you didn’t know that.).

So, what you should do is say that you have free training that teaches you how to gain six packs in six weeks with exercises and diet plan (Just an example!). And then give a link to your sales funnel under the description of your video or your blog post.

That will probably bring in some visitors to the funnel.

Opt in page

The first thing that your visitor would see after they click the link would be the landing page or the squeeze page.

It should be quite simple and straight to the point.

Once they enter their email address, it will be sent to a database which we will use in the coming steps and they will be redirected to a thank you page.

Thank You Page

Most marketer does tell you to include a thank-you page but they miss out the most important part in them.

The thank you page must consist of a video where you introduce yourself and thank them for opting in for the free training.

This is really really important!

Consider a situation where a complete stranger is recommending you to buy a product. Will you buy it?

Probably not!

But, if it’s an aquintance or a friend, you will most likely buy it, right?

Yes! That’s what we are trying to build here by using this page.

Also, let them know that you are a professional by showing some proofs.

Email automation

Once an email enters the database, we will have an automation set up which will send them emails regularly.

On the first day, we will send the first lesson. on the second day, the second lesson and so on.

P.S – Your email should contain the link to the lesson and not the lesson itself

Each of these days, we give them value, in our case, the exercise and the diet plan. Along with that, you should be promoting the affiliate product. This product can be anything that’s related to your content(Make sure that the affiliate product is a legit one).

But we have something different on the third day, it’s a Question and Answers page. This is absolutely important!


You see, most people who opt into your training won’t completely follow along. The reason may be because they may have different questions or they may have lost interest in your training.

Now, to bring their attention back to the training, we send them to a Q&A page which will let them clear some doubts and may bring them back on track.

You could include any number of lessons, but start small (Maybe 4-5 lessons are enough).

That’s it, hope you understood how this funnel works!

Now comes the hard part and almost 95% of the people reading this will go back at this point.

How do we implement this?

Using ClickFunnels! Of course!

What is ClickFunnels and Why Should We Use it?

Clickfunnels is basically a sales funnel builder which will allow you to make high converting sales funnel from scratch.

But, your main question would be “Is it Free?”, Right?

Yes, it is for the first 14 days! But, after that it cost $97/month.

Now, as I said a lot of people will go back after they see that this method isn’t free. If you are still reading this then what you have to understand is that you can’t have everything in this world for free.

There may be free alternatives to this but you won’t get the same functionalities and features that Clickfunnels provides.

I know, most of you might be beginners and would not even have a single dime to invest. To those people I say, why don’t you just try with the 14-day free trial!

If you get one or two sale in the first 14 days then you might be able to cover up this cost.

There are free traffic strategies that you could use to bring in visitors to your funnel which might help you make money within the first 14 days.

Once you have signed up for Clickfunnels, we will need to build the sales funnel we talked about before.

But before that, we should create a free training and find an affiliate product from Clickbank.

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Creating or Finding a Free Product

There are 2 ways you could do this either you can create a product or else find a product that you can use to act as a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something like a training, ebook, PDF etc which can be offered to your visitors in exchange for your email address.

I would highly recommend you create your own product, preferably a training course. If you can’t, then look for PLR products from There are a lot of products here, which can be used as a lead magnet. consists of many products with licenses that which you can get for free. Some of the training there can be rebranded and reused. For each product listed, they will list some terms and conditions. Make sure that you follow them.

If you are creating your own training(which I recommend), There are some things that you should keep in mind while developing them:

  • The reason people opted into your training is that they have some problem. It may be losing weight, making money, or anything. So, you should be the guy who solves the problem by providing them as much value as you can.
  • Use the affiliate product that you promote along with this training. make your trainees understand the importance of this product and how it can help solve their problem.

Apply these 2 points while developing your training. It’s crucial!

For eg: If your niche is on Fitness, create a 5 part course which discusses different exercises and diet plan on each day. And also, promote an affiliate product along with the training. It can be an exclusive keto diet plan.

You can upload these training videos onto Youtube or Vimeo and embed them into Clickfunnels. More on that later.

Once you have this set up. It’s time to select the affiliate product that we discussed above.

Selecting an Affiliate Product to Promote

We will be using Clickbank for this. You can, however, choose any other marketplace for finding affiliate product. Just make sure that it is related and is a legit one.

Go to your Clickbank dashboard and click on Marketplace.

From there select a category which suits your training the best.

For this tutorial, I will be using a weight loss product like the custom keto diet (You can choose any product you like).

When you select a product from clickbank, keep these in mind:

  • The product must have a gravity of at least 30.
  • Look out for legit reviews on Google.

After you choose a product, go on and start building your sales funnel.

Building the Sales Funnel

We will be building a sales funnel using Clickfunnels. It’s the best funnel builder out there on the internet. I would highly recommend you sign up for the free trial here.

Once you sign up, you will be logged in to your dashboard.

From there click on Click Funnels -> Funnels. Then select Add new.

A pop up would appear. Click on “create new funnel” and then click collect emails. Give your funnel a name and click on “Build Funnel”.

You will reach a page like this

This page consists of a lot of templates for you to select and modify. Select the most simple one.

To start building this landing page, click on “edit page” and you will be redirected to their website editor.

Their editor is very simple to use. You will get used to it after you play around with it some time.

Here’s an example landing page that you can use. Design something like this. I know this looks quite simple but these are the ones which convert quite well.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is landing-page.png

After this, build a thank you page. Go back to your funnel and on the left menu, you will see the thank you page listed. Click on that and enter the editor. If you can’t find the thank you page, click on “add new step” to add one.

Here’s how you should be designing the thank you page.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Thank-you-1.png

The thank-you page should contain a video where you personally thank the people who have opted into your training. also mention what this training is about and how they will benefit from them. You should also mention about the affiliate product that you selected. Speak how it’s going to be crucial in this training.

The page should also have a button that would go to the sales page of your affiliate product. You can use some heading as I used above.

True Fact – Only a very few people will buy the product from the thank you page! But that doesn’t mean you should delete that page. The thank-you page is a way to build rapport and a personal relationship with your customer.

Create the Free Training

You will need 4 or 5 videos for this training. It need not be a video itself, it can also be a blog post. You can create these pages with ClickFunnels itself.

Create a new funnel as you did in the above step. Then select a simple template and add in your content inside them.

If they are video training lessons, then I suggest you upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo and then embed them here on your page.

Make sure that you list your affiliate product in these pages along with your free training lesson.

Something like this would do:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is free-training_LI.jpg

As you can see, I have included the link to my affiliate product on a big blue button. This will make people click on the link and some of them may buy!

You will need to set up 5 or 6 pages like these depending on the number of training lessons that you have.

The next step is to configure your automation so that these lessons get delivered on a daily basis to our leads.

Setting Up Your Email Automation

The only way to bring in more sales is to persuade them by sending them emails quite often. In our case, we will be sending them the link to our training video each day (4 or 5 of them).

For setting up automation, we use Getresponse. They have one of the most flexible automation workflows I have ever used in an email marketing tool.

Moreover, they won’t ban you for sending affiliate marketing emails. Yes! Some email marketing tools out there do not let you send affiliate marketing products or emails to their list. That’s a huge bummer. So, that’s the reason why I recommend signing up on Getresponse.

Once you signup to Getresponse, Go to lists and create a new list. Give it any name that you like. This is where all the email address gets stored once they signup through our landing page.

After that go to Drafts and click on “create newsletter”. You will be asked to enter the subject, recipients and design the email.

Just enter the subject and content for your first email (ie, the welcome email with a link to the course.) and then click on save as draft. (You do not need to enter the recipients.)

Draft more emails depending on how many lessons you have. Also, don’t forget to draft the Q & A email

Once all the emails are drafted, we can set up our automation workflow.

To do that, go to automation by clicking on the menu.

Then click on “Start Your First WorkFlow”. There will be a lot of templates that you can choose from. I recommend you start from scratch.

This is how your automation should look like.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is automation-2.png

For most of you, this might be a little bit hard to grasp. Don’t worry! I will explain.

So, this automation triggers as soon as a new subscriber joins a particular list. When that happens our welcome email(with lesson 1) is sent to them.

Then we will wait for 1 day and see if they click the training link. If they did not click the link we send the Welcome email once again(or another customized email). But, if they did click the link then we sill send them “Mail 1” which will contain the link to the 2nd training video.

Now, in the next 5 days, we send them the rest of the training videos and also the Q & A mail.

That’s all there is.

Integrating Getresponse and Clickfunnels

Once that’s set up, you will need to integrate Clickfunnels and Getresponse so that when a visitor submits a form on our landing page(Clickfunnels), it gets added to our list in Getresponse.

To integrate them, do the following,

Step 1. Retrieve Your GetResponse API Key

  • Open GetResponse, navigate to the top left under “Menu” and click “Integrations & API.”
  • Click “API.” and then click on “Generate API Key”
  • Give a name and then click on “Generate”
  • Copy your API Key. 

Step 2. Integrate GetResponse with ClickFunnels

  • Now go to ClickFunnels Integrations settings, select “Add New Integration.”
  • Search for GetResponse. 
  • Give your integration a Nickname. 
  • Paste your API Key. 
  • Click “Add Integration.” (If you get an error, read the below Note)

Important Note – Are you seeing an Error? You will need to contact Getresponse support for this. Tell them that the integration with Clickfunnels isn’t working. They will enable the old API in the backend, and you will then be able to integrate. The customer support of Getresponse is really fast, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Step 3. Final step

  • Go to the landing page that you made using Clickfunnels.
  • On the top menu, click on “Integrations”
  • Then Select Getresponse from the drop-down.
  • That’s it!

And That’s a wrap! You have successfully made a sales funnel for your Clickbank affiliate product.

You can now start driving traffic which will let you make money on complete autopilot.

Driving Traffic

There are both free and paid methods to drive traffic. I would suggest you start with the free one and once you start making money, you could start using Paid ads.

Free method

Youtube is a great platform to start. However, it will take time. But, if you perform a correct Keyword research strategy and make videos on those keywords which are less competitive, you could make that process a little bit faster.

Pinterest and Instagram is also a great way to bring in some traffic to your blog. Pinterest, when combined with Tailwind, can be really powerful. I did receive a lot of traffic that way during the initial days of starting this blog.

Moreover, some pins on Pinterest can get viral which may bring in a lot of visitors. But keep in mind, Pinterest is a consistency game like everything else. If you pin images continuously for some days, I can guarantee you some traffic to your website.

Instagram is also a cool way. But the lack of adding links to post makes it a bit hard to bring in traffic.

If you already have a blog that has a bit of traffic. Then I strongly suggest you implement an exit popup with the link to your content. I was able to get 45 subscribers to my list in just 5 days using this method.

Also, try ranking that particular content on Google. That’s the best way to get targeted traffic.

Google Adwords is a great platform to start for getting targeted traffic. Try watching some Adwords tutorial before you start doing this.

Google AdWords currently gives away a $100 credit if you are new and haven’t used it at all. So, you can use that if you want.

Solo ads are also a great way. You can get 100 hits to your landing page with a 40%-50% opt-in rate. You can also get a sale with this method. Check out Udimi, they are the best solo ads marketplace on the internet.

I have seen a lot of people making sales by using solo Ads, so make sure you try it out


And That’s it! This is how you make money with Clickbank on complete autopilot. You just have to supply some traffic to your funnel and that funnel would do the rest of the work for you.


This one was a large post. I have tried to explain every single thing in detail by giving out as much as I can.

Hope you are one of 5% people who actually implement this. And if you ever do implement this, please let me know your status by commenting down below.