Lesson 6: Writing the Rest 20 Articles and Scaling up Your Blog.

The first thing to do now is to write the next 20 articles. Before that, you will have to prepare the content list with the next 20 articles (10 Cluster posts and 10 Pillar posts)

Keyword research for Pillar posts is also the same but make sure that it’s broader than cluster posts and you should be able to write a 3000+ words post on that topic.

If you have forgotten how to properly do keyword research, click here to go to lesson 3 where I teach that.

I believe the rest 20 posts will take around 40-45 days to create. The faster you go, quicker you will start seeing the results.

Content Publishing Routine

You will need to create articles consistently every month. I recommend publishing at least 10-15 posts per month. That way you will have more than 140 articles in the first year of blogging.

This routine might seem a bit strict. You might be a student or some other job person and you would have other things that may keep you away from blogging.

But, do not be that guy!

Instead plan your day! If you sleep 8 hours a day, reduce it to 6 hours a day and spend the 2 hours writing a blog post.

I know this might be hard on you but think about your current job or your grades in school.

Are they making you happy?

Or would you want a financial freedom life by choosing to blog just 2 hours per day?

A Quick Question: Were You Expecting a Video Training Here?

If you were, I am really sorry, this course doesn’t contain any videos. If you want you can check out Project 24. You can check out their review here!

How to Scale up this Online Business?

Once you start getting traffic, there are a lot of ways to scale up this business and make more money.

Here are some of them

Start Collecting emails

Collecting emails is a great way to keep in touch with your visitors. This is how you convert a casual visitor into a lead and then into a customer.

Building an email list has several advantages like

  • Your subscriber base may grow. Increase in returning visitors
  • You can sell your products or affiliate products in the future
  • You can get a higher ROI

How can you collect emails?

You will need to sign up to an email marketing tool to start collecting emails. I recommend you start with SendInBlue. They have a free plan which allows you to collect a total of 2000 emails.

Once you cross the 2000 emails limit, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans which are extremely affordable when compared with its competition

To collect an email, you will need a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that you give away in exchange for their email address. A lead magnet is really important because no one is going to give their email address without giving them something valuable.

Remember how I was able to get your email address for this course? That’s one lead magnet.

Some Lead magnets are:-

eBooks – This is the most common type of lead magnet. People give out different types of eBooks depending on their niche. Creating an eBook can be hard but you don’t need to build a 100 page eBook. Anything about 10 pages that gives out certain valuable info would do.

Downloadables – Anything that can provide value to your audience. It can be something like a 6-week diet plan, or a template etc

Digital products – You can give away exclusive video or a podcast etc that which can provide some balue to the customers

Free Course – This is exactly what I did. It will take some time in setting it up but the results can be mind-blowing.

Once you have choosen a lead magnet, it’s time to set up your email marketing campaign.

The first thing to do is to design a webspage with elementor. Once you have build the landing page, you will need to embed your form from SendinBlue to the landing page.

To do that, Go to SendinBlue and select contacts. Then go to the “Forms” tab. Click on create a new Subscription Form.

You will have to follow a series of steps and in the end you will get a code. Copy that code!

Now go to your landing page editor (Using Elementor). Select the HTML block and add it to someplace where you want it to show.

Save and publish the page.

Now, this page may not receive traffic unless you start promoting them.Here are 3 ways to do that

  • Go to your older blog posts and link your offer in the article, if they are relevant. It can be something like this “Get your free 6-week diet plan now!”
  • Use a popup in displaying the offer when someone comes to your blog. You can use this popup maker to do that.
  • Use Social media to drive in traffic to that page by promoting your lead magnet.

This way you’ll be able to get in more traffic and sales for your website.

Start a YouTube Channel

This is something that you should start right from starting a blog. It can help you scale up your blog faster.

Most people don’t start a YouTube channel because they are too shy or afraid to show their face in front of the camera. Try overcoming that or you could use slides with screen recording to explain things. That’s the only solution you have.

When you grow your YouTube channel, you have the potential to get more visitors to your blog from it.

Moreover, you can use the same blog posts as scripts and then make a video version of it to upload on YouTube.

So, try starting a YouTube Channel as soon as possible.

Begin Outsourcing Content

When you start growing your audience and earning money, you might want to start hiring freelancers. This will allow you to take some load off your shoulders.

Most blog owners do this and there is no crime in that. In fact, it will help you focus on improving the other parts of the business like building an info product, producing content for your Youtube channel and trying out new marketing strategies.

The best places to find good writers and freelancers are:-

  • Upwork and
  • iWriter

Upwork allows you to select a freelancer of your choice and then you could ask them to write a content for you. Make sure that you specify every detail that you would want from the blog post.

iWriter is a website where you can order articles based on the experience of writers and also their word count. I recommend choosing any “elite” writers.

Using Social Media

The users in social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have been steadily increasing every year, and it would be a great time to start promoting your blog on these platforms.

You can use the following articles to learn how to get traffic with different social media platforms-

Quora and Other Forums

Quora is a great platform to get traffic. In fact, one of my sources of traffic in the initial months were from Quora.

I have heard many people saying that Quora doesn’t work and all. That’s because they don’t know how to market on Quora.

This is exactly how you get traffic to your blog post on Quora:-

  • Go to Quora.com and register for an account
  • Then go to Google.com. Search for content that you have already written.
  • You will probably see a Quora answer on the front page of Google.
  • Go to that link and give a brief answer to that question. Do not answer them fully and at last add a link to your blog post.
  • Keep in mind that you should write at least 4-5 paragraphs and don’t add more than one link in the answer.

So, now when people come to these answers on Quora and you will get some traffic when they click the link.

You can also use this same strategy on other forums.

Running Google Ads

If you have a highly monetized page on your blog, driving traffic to that page can bring in huge amount of money.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do it – The Complete Guide To Paid Search For Bloggers.

Wrapping This Course

I have tried to provide as much value as I can by creating this free course. I promise that I’ll keep on updating this course when newer things come out and will let you know.

If I had left something out that you wish to see in this course. Please do mail me at admin@stashlr.com. And also if you have queries or doubts don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

If I have provided value through this course, Please do share this course with friends and family