EliteBlogger – Frequently Asked Questions!

There can be a lot of questions going thorough your head when you start any business.

I have compiled a list of FAQs below. If you can’t see your question listed below! Feel free to email me at admin@stashlr.com.

1. I Feel like Quitting! What should I do?

This is the most common Question that everyone has when they start a new business.

Patience is what makes think of this. If you have that little thing in you, you would not think of it.

Any business and I mean anything! takes time to built. If you still believe there are “get-rich-quick” schemes out there, then it’s better you quit and look for those invisible techniques.

I will be totally honest with you! I too have quit many times before starting this blog. But, once I spent a considerable amount of time researching the internet for “get-rich-quick” kinds of stuff, I understood that patience, hardwork and consistency is the only way to build a business.

2. I Expected a Video Training! Do You have a Video Training On This one?

I am really sorry if you were expecting for a video training. But I can assure that the content in this training is absolutely worth it.

Now, If you still need a video training for blogging, I would suggest you check out Project 24. It’s an amazing course.

3. How Much Days Will it Take For Me To Start Making Money?

To be frank , It’s going to take weeks or months for you to start making some money. However, this is not the problem of this course/training. Every successful blogger that you see today came through the same struggle that you are or you will be going to.

If you are asking for an exact time, then, It typically takes takes around 3 – 4 months to get your first few dollars.

4. I Still Don’t Know Which Niche To Choose! What Should I do?

Don’t worry, A lot of people go through this problem. If you can’t find a good niche using the method in my course, then, I would suggest you to choose one based on your interest and stick to it!

Once you have chosen, please don’t change the niche completely because it will have a very big impact.

Changing your niche slightly is Ok. But going from a cooking niche to a sports niche is something that you should avoid completely.

5. How Much Days Will It Take My Blog Post To Rank No.1 On Google?

That’s a bit complex to answer.

It depends entirely on how you write your content, how properly you have done your Keyword research, how old your blog is and many other factors.

I have been blogging for 1.5 years now. When I submit an article, I usually rank on Page 1 or 2. It might vary in your case.

It will be very hard for you to rank on Page 1 of Google in the initial days of starting your blog. But, it will be much easier, when your blog gets older.

More Q&A Coming soon…

If you have any questions other than the ones listed above, feel free to email me at admin@stashlr.com