Drop Servicing Elite PDF/eBook – The Complete Guide On Drop Servicing

Drop servicing has been one of the few most discussed things lately. It is surely profitable and is far better when compared with drop shipping.

Even though that’s the case, drop servicing is still undervalued and there is still a lot of money to be made from this business model.

One of the main reasons why people aren’t starting this business is because of the lack of knowledge in them. And that’s why I have released an eBook/PDF that covers everything from A-Z about drop servicing. It’s called the Drop Servicing Elite.

Why Should You Start a Drop Servicing Business?

Drop servicing is a pretty easy form of online business when you compare it with dropshipping, Amazon FBA, etc.

Some of the advantages of drop servicing are:

  • You don’t need any inventory
  • You won’t need to hear customers complaining about long shipping time. (Every dropshipper has this problem)
  • You won’t need to worry about taxes in different countries.
  • Replacement and refund aren’t as complicated as others.
  • You Can make huge profits.
  • Very small investment needed to start

Once you set up everything that I have described in the book. You would only very little work to do every day to make hundreds or thousands of dollars that day itself.

When you start making money, you could literally hire a freelance sales manager to do everything for you. That will make this business fully automative and you could be chilling out in Hawaii.

And don’t forget to build multiple businesses like this to maximize your earnings.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start This Business?

The only investment that you would have to make is for the website and for running ads.

About $100-$150 to be exact.

Your website will cost around $2.95/month and the rest is for running ads. But, you do get a free $100 credit when starting from Google (Depends on location).

Even if you invest $150 into this business, you could easily make back that money in less than 2 days.

What Is The Drop Servicing Elite eBook About?

This book is all about drop servicing. If you ever wanted to start an online business, this is one of the easiest business models out there.

This eBook/PDF covers everything in detail, step-by-step!

These are some of the topics that I have discussed in the eBook:

  • How to find profitable services to “Dropship”.
  • Finding freelancers to outsource.
  • Designing and Setting up your website.
  • Some best drop servicing niches to choose
  • How to run targeted ads to bring in traffic with a $100 free credit*.

(* – It’s Google ads credit. NOT mine to giveaway)

On What Platform Will be the Website be made?

WordPress will be the platform that we use. There are other alternatives like Kartra, Clickfunnels, Wix etc. But using WordPress is the most affordable and easiest option.

Kartra and Clickfunnels will cost you around $100/month to start which is quite expensive if you are a complete beginner.

You can, however, use these platforms to scale up this business when you start making money.

Why Should You Buy The Drop Servicing Elite PDF/eBook?

You must have seen some training on drop servicing priced at $997 or somewhere around that range. Right?

And that’s not affordable to the vast majority of people out there. So, I wanted to make it available to everyone by pricing it a lot cheaper that every other person out there.

My eBook costs just $9.99/- as of now. It’s a launch offer and will go up to the original price of $19.99/- any day.

So, grab this eBook right now and start building your online business!

Do you Guarantee results?

I wish I could. If I knew you were a dedicated, hardworking, and a consistent person, I would have guaranteed results for you!

But, I do not have that power and so I cannot guarantee that you will be successful. But, if you implement the steps correctly in the eBook, you are very likely to see results.

Am I Joining this Bandwagon Too Late?

Of course, not!

Drop servicing has just started and there is a high chance that this business is going to skyrocket once everyone starts knowing about it.

If you are still unsure, look at drop shipping which is pretty much has the same concept. Drop shipping is still profitable and people are still starting this business. These business models are never going to get outdated.

The only thing that would increase is the competition and for drop servicing, it is pretty much low as of now.